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SAP Service Cloud

Achieve the highest quality of customer service

SAP Service Cloud is a cloud-based solution that offers a new level of customer service. It is achieved by supporting multiple service channels, accessing full customer data and analyzing the efficiency of your team.

All this in real time

Discover SAP Service Cloud products

SAP Jam Communities

Knowledge base for customers

A platform that allows users to share knowledge and solve problems together. Thanks to this, customers do not have to wait for a call to be answered by a consultant and contribute to the development of the knowledge base with answers to their questions

SAP Jam Collaboration

Instant notification handling

The service guarantees service technicians and call center agents access to key information and expert knowledge necessary to quickly solve a request from a customer. Thanks to it you will use the potential of cooperation between different departments of the company and increase the efficiency of your employees

SAP Knowledge Central by MindTouch

Knowledge-based communication

Knowledge base for publishing proposed solutions to problems and expert advice. With the data collected, you can analyze your customers’ interest in the particular type of content.

SAP Cloud Platform Portal

Agile self-service system

A feature that allows customers to create service requests, add attachments, and track the status of their requests using a simple dashboard.

The Call Center functionality included in SAP Service Cloud guarantees:

Servicing and analyzing service requests, including real-time management and instant access to data needed to execute requests

Use of sophisticated machine learning algorithms to automatically categorize service requests and create lists of proposed solutions based on previously closed requests.

Real-time analytics including trend monitoring, reporting and insight into team performance and efficiency

Request handling on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices

Efficient and effective communication with the customer

Achieve the highest quality customer service - ask us how!

SAP Service Cloud allows you to manage field service technicians, including

Management of customer's registered products

by monitoring the components used, accessing serial numbers and documentation of the registered devices, and handling the registered products, whether customer specific or customised

Service contract management

including the development of maintenance plans, the definition of the service scope, financial conditions and the renewal and cancellation of contracts

Effective planning of customer service tasks

by automatically calculating the time remaining for the first contact with the customer after receiving the request, monitoring the time remaining to solve the problem, determining the tasks based on surveys, notes and attachments assigned to the request and selecting the preferred team member to solve the request

Assignment of tasks via a built-in calendar, real-time human resources management

thanks to the preview of the list of tasks and the team members’ schedule, simplified registration and reporting of working time and managing acceptance processes of tasks and reports

Using Internet of Things for effective operation

improving the quality and reliability of services by collecting information from sensors, using data from machines in real time and making advanced analyses and equipment condition assessments, as well as conducting preventive actions and eliminating costly downtimes

SAP Service Cloud
SAP Service Cloud
SAP Service Cloud

Your customer service management center

Business benefits

SAP Service Cloud

Multi-channel customer support

SAP Service Cloud gives you access to a consistent history of interaction and conversation with your customers, all kept in one place.

Getting things done quicker

You will coordinate cooperation between Contact Center members and receive access to relevant information about customers and products, which will speed up the process of service requests handling

SAP Service Cloud

Customer support in all conditions

The use of mobile technology will allow your field service technicians to quickly and efficiently eliminate the malfunction, increasing customer satisfaction and team productivity

SAP Service Cloud is part of SAP Customer Experience Suite (SAP C/4HANA) - discover its possibilities!