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Microsoft Power BI

Real-time business analytics and data visualization

With Microsoft Power BI, you can combine corporate data from multiple sources and transform them into interactive visualizations. By creating customizable reports, you will be able to look at key performance indicators, discover hidden patterns, make better business decisions and immediately respond to dynamically changing market conditions.

With Microsoft Power BI, you can harness the full potential of your business data. Combining different data sources, such as databases, spreadsheets and cloud platforms, allows you to analyze information comprehensively.

Benefits for your company


Effective analytics with artificial intelligence & machine learning

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, analysts can explore data, predict future outcomes, and take more effective action to achieve better results.

łatwiejsze zrozumienie powiazań pomiędzy danymi

Better understanding of data correlations

Microsoft's leading Business Intelligence solution enables creating correlations between data sets and ongoing monitoring of company operations' critical aspects.

czas rzeczywisty

Access to real-time data

Microsoft Power BI users can analyze data with a unified tool, without the need for a time-consuming gathering of information from multiple distributed sources.

mobilność usług

Insights into company data while on a business travel

Using Microsoft Power BI Mobile, you can create and share business analytics anywhere, anytime. The solution works on mobile devices running Windows, iOS and Android.

Piotr Wisła Business intelligence

"Today's businesses are generating more and more information, but simply collecting sales, financial or manufacturing data is not enough to increase profits and maintain a competitive advantage. The constantly evolving Microsoft Power BI toolset provides advanced data analysis and visualization capabilities, integrating information stored in the cloud and on-premise. Analysts get a reliable solution for creating, editing, and sharing reports tailored to their business needs".

Piotr Wisła, Business Intelligence Manager

Preview of a sample report created in Microsoft Power BI

Preview of a sample report created in Microsoft Power BI

Preview of a sample report created in Microsoft Power BI

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Integrating multiple data sources with Microsoft Power BI


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Accomplish more with Microsoft Power Platform

Along with Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents, Power BI is part of the Microsoft Power Platform product suite. All four components combined with Office 365, Dynamics 365, and the Microsoft Azure platform create comprehensive enterprise solutions.

Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps

A Low-code development platform enables designing business applications using pre-built templates or building a solution from scratch.

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate

Automating processes and workflows with Microsoft Power Automate will increase teams’ productivity and allow them to focus on completing the most important tasks.

Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Intelligent chatbots built with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents improve customer communication and reduce the time it takes to answer common questions.

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Get the most out of your data by combining the revolutionary Power BI data analysis and visualization tool with Microsoft’s flagship Azure platform, Office 365, and the next generation of enterprise applications – Microsoft Dynamics 365.