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Sustainability goals according to Apollogic – ESG

ESG reporting addresses a range of issues related to environmental care, equal opportunities in the labor market, and transparent corporate governance. Among the numerous factors that should be included in an ESG report are whether a company neutralizes carbon emissions, reduces water consumption throughout its production cycle, implements policies to prevent social exclusion, and counteracts corruption. The ESG reporting standards are part of larger regulatory changes being introduced by the European institutions, but the idea of non-financial reporting is likely to spread rapidly beyond the countries covered by EU legislation shortly.

ESG reporting under the thoughts of the new CSRD legislation will first affect the largest entities. The draft directive introduces broader reporting obligations for large companies and large groups from 2024. The scope will gradually expand to include small and medium-sized listed companies from 2026.

"Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are no longer 'nice-to-haves' in investment management - they are core to investment analysis."

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Apollogic sees sustainability goals as an integral part of our business strategy. We believe that caring for the environment, the community and proper stewardship is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to build a sustainable and stable future for our company and society as a whole. We strive for transparency in our operations and want to share information about our progress, challenges, and goals.

Apollogic sees sustainability goals

no poverty zero hunger

  • We care about decent employment conditions, providing employees with fair remuneration, access to social benefits, and opportunities for professional development.
  • Employees of Apollogic are involved in voluntary work, including, among others, the Szlachetna Paczka campaign, which fights poverty among Polish families and seniors.
  • We provide material aid to Ukrainian citizens affected by the war.
  • We periodically support the Polish Humanitarian Action, which helps victims of humanitarian crises caused by armed conflicts and natural disasters.
  • We minimize the negative impact of our operations on the environment through the rational use of resources and cooperation with socially responsible suppliers.
  • We do not overlook animals in our activities, which is why every year we organize food collections for the charges of the Przytulisko u Wandy in Przyborówko, Rusiec, and Brodziszewo.

good health and well-being

  • We promote physical activity, healthy eating habits, and preventive health care among our employees by offering benefits in the form of sports cards and medical packages.
  • We look after the safety and well-being of our employees by providing them with appropriate working conditions, complying with safety regulations, and providing the necessary personal protective equipment.
  • Thanks to the involvement of RapidLab’s IoT Engineers and the use of 3D printers, we were able to support professional groups on the frontline of the fight against the pandemic by donating protective visors for Wielkopolska doctors, nurses, and paramedics.
  • We created an IoT device that counts people and monitors body temperature in public transport and buildings using Edge AI.
  • We take part in the World Community Grid project supporting scientists in the search for more effective treatments for COVID-19, cancer, AIDS, or tropical diseases.
  • Apollogic employees have the opportunity to benefit from psychological support in cooperation with MOCodajania.
  • We promote sports activity, which is why we are the founder and sponsor of the FC Apollogic football team.
  • As a member of the Poznań Science and Technology Park’s tenant community, we participate in the annual ‘Park Kilometre Frenzy’ sports competition, which is part of the PPNT’s eco-culture.

IoT device

The World Community Grid project supporting

In times of crisis, we do not focus on limitations (

quality education

  • We invest in the professional development and training of our employees, which contributes to improving their competencies and skills. We provide opportunities to gain certifications from our technology partners.
  • We provide onboarding training for new employees.
  • During the pandemic, IT administrators from Apollogic supported pupils, students, teachers, and lecturers in the transition to online learning mode by offering free support in the implementation of Office 365 A1, provided by Microsoft.
  • We took part in the “Every Computer Will Be Useful” campaign coordinated by the Department of Education of the City of Poznań, in which companies, institutions, and individuals donate desktops, laptops, and tablets to Poznań schools.
  • We are an educational partner of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

The World Community Grid project supporting

Partnership with Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (

gender qualityreduce inequality

  • Since our inception, we have fought against marginalization, which is reflected in our anti-discrimination policy aimed at preventing discrimination in employment.
  • We aim to ensure fair pay, development, and promotion opportunities for all employees, eliminating pay discrimination based on gender, race, age, or other factors.
  • We work to eliminate any barriers that may hinder full participation in working life, such as inflexible working hours or maternity discrimination.
  • We create an open and tolerant environment for employees from different social, ethnic, and cultural groups.
  • We provide a decent workplace, ensuring financial security, stable employment, and social benefits.
  • Apollogic employees have the opportunity to benefit from psychological support in cooperation with MOCodajania.
  • We have our coaching program – providing support for new employees and assistance in solving interpersonal problems.
  • Teams representing Apollogic, apoQlar, RapidLab and participate annually in the Poland Business Run charity relay, the proceeds of which go to help people with mobility disabilities and remove barriers.

decent work and economy growthindustry, innovations and infrastructure

  • We are part of the HPC4Poland initiative which is a European Digital Innovation Hub.
  • As a member of the Digital Innovation Hub consortium DIH4Future, we provide end-to-end consulting services in the field of digital business transformation using the possibilities of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, mixed reality, and predictive analytics.
  • Our Consultants were among the first in Poland to obtain ADMA certification as early as 2020, which confirmed their competence and allowed them to carry out the first projects for companies interested in supporting them in building a digital transformation roadmap.
  • At Apollogic, we specialize in creating proprietary IT solutions and implementing business software that automates processes and streamlines workflows within an organization.
  • Too fully meet the needs of our clients and respond more dynamically to new technologies emerging all the time, we have created independent brands bringing together key competencies in the areas of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Mixed Reality. Specialists from each of them competently support projects conducted by Apollogic worldwide, additionally offering their solutions to support digital transformation.
  • RapidLab is a team of IoT and Edge AI enthusiasts who focus on prototyping, hardware design, firmware development, and IoT cloud integration
  • W we create and develop products and modules based on artificial intelligence.
  • As an official Partner of SAP, Microsoft, and Raspberry Pi, we deploy and integrate solutions from leading business software leaders, while developing our cloud applications using artificial intelligence, IoT, and mixed reality capabilities.
  • Based on several years of experience, we advise organizations on digital transformation using the capabilities of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, mixed reality, and predictive analytics.
  • We develop proprietary business applications to support finance, sales, and legal departments, conduct IT audits, and provide consulting services for companies looking to automate workflows.
  • We ensure that the workplaces we offer provide fair pay, safe working conditions, compliant working hours, and professional development opportunities for employees.
  • We strive to eliminate all forms of discrimination in the workplace and promote equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability.
  • We invest in developing the skills of our employees by offering training, courses, and development programs.
  • We maintain fair relationships with Suppliers and Business Partners, ensuring fair trading conditions and respect for labor rights throughout the supply chain.
  • We engage in social initiatives and CSR programs that contribute to the development of the local community.


Digital transformation of business

ADMA - Factories of the Future 4.0 - Technology audit (

clean water and sanitationaffordable and clean energysustainable cities and communitiesresponsible consumption and productionclimate actionlife below waterlife on land

  • Our offices are located in the Poznań Science and Technology Park, which, as part of the European Green Deal, has several projects supporting energy transition, decarbonization, and investment in low-carbon technologies.
  • We resell used electronic equipment or donate it to projects such as the World Community Grid supporting scientists in the search for more effective treatments for COVID-19, cancer, AIDS, or tropical diseases.
  • As part of our waste disposal policy, used equipment and electrical waste is recycled by a specialist company.
  • We run an information campaign among our employees to educate them about broadly defined changes in consumer habits and environmental protection measures.
  • In our building, the sanitary facilities are regularly cleaned and kept in a good state of repair and are stocked with appropriate hygiene materials.
  • We have an electronic document workflow, the aim of which is to shorten the paper trail and reduce the company’s paper consumption.
  • We use spring water in dispensers, with replaceable bottles, instead of water in disposable bottles. Employees also do not use disposable plastic cutlery and crockery.
  • We are developing innovative technologies and new solutions to improve sustainable production and consumption.
  • As part of the Green Company PPNT action, we planted a tree on the premises of the Poznań Science and Technology Park.
  • We include socially responsible suppliers in the supply chain.

peace, justice and strong institutions

  • We have an anti-corruption policy in place, which includes zero tolerance for any form of corruption within the company, and we take measures to prevent corruption in relationships with contractors and business partners.
  • We ensure integrity and transparency in all aspects of our business, including relationships with Customers, Employees, Suppliers, and External Stakeholders.
  • We uphold the principle of respect for human rights in the workplace and our relationships with external stakeholders, ensuring decent working conditions, equal opportunities, and non-discrimination.
  • We work to build a fair and transparent economy by adhering to business ethics, and financial transparency and countering illegal business practices.
  • We have provided material aid to war-affected citizens of Ukraine, including internally displaced persons and refugees who have had to leave their homes.
  • We support the Polish Humanitarian Action.
  • We actively participate in assisting companies and individuals affected by the war in Ukraine.

partnerships for the goals

Collaboration with other companies: The company can engage in industry, sector or international partnerships and initiatives that enable the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices.

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krembil research institute
raspberry pi design partner
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