Customer Service

powered by SAP CRM and Fiori

SAP Contact Center with CRM on Fiori is a modern solution that enables your Customer Service team respond in a faster and comprehensive way. It keeps track of all online and phone interactions between you and your customers and stores them in SAP CRM system, providing your consultants with instant and full knowledge of the person they talk to as well as their purchase history. All this in a friendly and intuitive interface modeled with latest SAP Fiori design.

SAP Contact Center

Covers multiple communication channels including:

Phone calls




3rd parties (i.e. FB messenger)

and transfers data to SAP CRM

Check how implementation process look like:

SAP Customer Relationship Management & SAP Fiori

Provides customer care key features:

Customer master data management

Interactions history


SLA measurement

E2E processes i.e. complaints or returns

Integration with external systems i.e. ERP

All available with rapid search algorithms through modern web applications

Next generation UX with contextual, role based single Fiori view


Easy access to customers, tickets and interactions

All past interactions with a customer in a single screen

Easy interraction to ticket linkage

SAP and external systems integrations

Consultants guided thru complete complaint or return process

Automatic customer recognition based on email or phone number

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