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Microsoft OneDrive

Get extra storage space for your company files and documents

With Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Service, your files will always be at your fingertips, no matter which device you are using. Share company documents with your team members, make it easier for external experts to participate in the project actively, edit files from anywhere, stay in touch with colleagues, and enter a new remote work dimension.

Business benefits


Complete mobility

Microsoft supports remote employees and business travelers with the OneDrive mobile application available for Android, iOS and Windows.


Data security

Built-in functionality for encrypting stored files and monitoring suspicious activities will increase the security of company documents.


Resource protection

A device change or failure will not cause the loss of resources saved in Microsoft OneDrive.


Consistent environment

Fast file sharing from now on is possible from Microsoft Teams applications and SharePoint platform.

Work more effectively with Microsoft 365 platform

Cooperation with Microsoft OneDrive

czas rzeczywisty

Real-time file sharing and editing – changes are automatically synchronized in the cloud

Możliwość udostępniania zasobów

Ability to share resources with others inside and outside the organization

płynność procesów finansowych

Full control over who and for what purpose the file is shared with the "edit" and "view" modes

less structure costs

Completing everyday tasks becomes easier with the cooperation of office tools from Microsoft Office 365 suite

edycja dokumentów online i offline

Documents edited offline will be automatically updated when you connect to the network

działania w trybie offline

Ability to save files locally and edit documents offline

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