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SAP BusinessObjects

Integrated analytical platform

SAP BusinessObjects is a platform designed to meet the needs of advanced data analytics – SAP BI tool for data storage, sharing and managing reports, analysis and preparation of complex summaries and indicators based on the information available in a company.

The portal efficiently integrates with SAP BW/4HANA, and the certain tools allow reporting directly from the sources like:

related db

relational databases


big data

pliki płaskie

flat files


SAP Data Hub

According to the research, only 10-20% of people in companies have access to analytics bringing tangible outcomes.* Be one step ahead of the competition and use business analytics.

*Source: “Our 2016 Story: SAP BusinessObjects Modern Analytics for the Digital Enterprise”

In Apollogic we handle SAP BO solutions, such as:

businessobject web intelligence

SAP BusinessObject Web Intelligence

The unique functionality of this tool is the possibility of using so-called worlds of objects which enable a user to refer to a previously prepared data simply. Moreover, reports created through this solution can be analyzed both on the desktop and mobile devices.

SAP Lumira Discovery

Is a simple and intuitive analytical tool. It allows independent creation of sheets by business employees, without a need of involving IT specialists.

SAP Lumira Designer

This solution enables the creation of applications with manager dashboards. They have much bigger interaction with a user than in case of other reporting tools. The main data sources for SAP Lumira 2.x are SAP HANA and SAP BW/4HANA views.

sap business object bi

SAP Crystal Reports

Thanks to the vast set of functionalities, the solution allows for performing almost every data sheet and presenting it in a chosen form. SAP Crystal Reports is a “pixel perfect” tool enabling practically any placement, i.e. at an A4 page. It is an unquestionable benefit in case of creating reports to print.

SAP Roambi

Is a product opening entirely new possibilities of report creation and analysis on mobile devices. Visualizations presented in Roambi are much more transparent and readable than the other solutions. Moreover, thanks to the user-friendly interface, handling application is intuitive and comfortable.

Crucial data at your fingertips thanks to the SAP BusinessObjects.

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Our offer

SAP BO/BI consulting

Migration of the current BI system to SAP BO platform


Performing analysis supporting decision making

Report and dashboards development

Business benefits


Integration with SAP systems

The tools fully integrate with SAP systems, including the entire SAP Business Suite.


User Experience

The tools have simple and intuitive interfaces, which makes working with them comfortable and pleasant.



SAP ensures constant development of tools and their supplementing with new functionalities, in accordance with the changing needs of customers.


Integration into current architecture

SAP BO solutions easily integrate with other systems and IT architecture in the organization.



SAP BO solutions can be accessed from all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

real-time data

Real-time data

Thanks to SAP HANA technology, the solutions enable real-time analysis, regardless of the amount of data involved.

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