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Businesses need to reduce process turnaround time, minimize errors, and improve resource management, which can significantly improve competitiveness in the market.

The unique value offered by the Build Process Automation component within SAP BTP is the ability to automate and optimize business processes, which is a key element in achieving higher efficiency and flexibility for the entrepreneur.

Olga Langowska Apollogic

The value of the Build Process Automation component lies primarily in removing from specialists the need to perform monotonous and repetitive tasks. On the one hand, it minimizes the risk of errors and increases quality. On the other hand, it frees up specialists' time for key activities. They can attend to other tasks and respond to critical situations, where expert judgment and often non-standard steps are needed. The versatility of Build Process Automation allows it to adapt to the specifics of different sectors and industries. Understanding this technology provides the opportunity to acquire competencies that can be applied to many areas of an organization, streamlining a variety of processes. As a result, the efficiency of the organization's operations is increased, allowing it to focus on more valuable tasks.

Olga Langowska SAP FI Consultant

Examples of business automation opportunities

The value of the Build Process Automation component lies in the fact that it not only reduces manual operations but also integrates different areas of the company, enabling more seamless and integrated business processes. This tool can adapt to a wide variety of sectors and industries, increasing the efficiency of an organization's operations and allowing it to focus on more valuable tasks.


Order and delivery management

The Build Process Automation component allows you to automatically track and manage customer orders, as well as schedule and monitor deliveries.


Quality control

Companies can automate quality control processes to ensure consistency and minimize errors in products or services.


Documentation management

Automation can be used to store and manage company records, allowing instant access to necessary information.

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