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Increase efficiency and effectiveness in the call center

"The Speech to Text solution integrates SAP's cloud environment - SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP HANA Cloud with external solutions, based on artificial intelligence. Writing to a database enables further processing of the content of recordings by modules available inside the SAP ecosystem and the creation of separate applications for displaying and managing their content. This will allow even more precise research of customers' needs, as well as raising quality standards during a conversation with a consultant.

Paweł Janocha SAP Cloud Application Developer

Implementing the BTP Speech to Text solution in a call center is an excellent way to improve the quality of consultants' work. This tool brings several unique benefits that can significantly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service.


Convert phone calls to text

With the ability to convert phone calls to text, you will gain access to accurate transcriptions of calls.


Storage in the SAP HANA Cloud

Storing call transcripts in the SAP HANA Cloud is not only secure but also provides easy access to this data. Consultants can quickly search call transcripts, which helps solve customer problems, as well as provide personalized services.


Checking customer call history

By accessing records of previous conversations, consultants can avoid having to ask the customer what happened before. This speeds up customer service, eliminating the customer's frustration at having to explain the situation again.


More effective promotion of new services

Analyzing call records helps understand customer needs and identify opportunities to promote new services or products. Consultants can provide more targeted suggestions, which can increase sales.


Monitoring the quality of service

Call records enable call center managers to monitor the quality of customer service. This allows them to react quickly to any problems and adjust employee training.


Increasing consultant satisfaction

Access to tools such as BTP Speech to Text, which make work easier and help with customer service, can significantly increase consultant satisfaction. This results in less employee turnover and better productivity.

In conclusion, implementing a BTP Speech to Text solution in a call center is not only a step toward improving customer service but also an investment in increasing efficiency, employee satisfaction, and the company's growth potential. It's a tool that can provide a unique competitive advantage and increase the satisfaction of both customers and call center staff.

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