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Take advantage of ready-made integration packages

The ability to use off-the-shelf integration packages that enable seamless communication between products such as SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur, among others, without the need for code development, not only speeds up implementation, but also reduces costs and risks associated with programming errors.

All you have to do is perform the configuration, and the two systems feed each other with employee data, making it easier to manage the organization’s workforce.

Marta Kaczmarek

It's worth noting that SAP BTP not only meets, but exceeds expectations, enabling efficient management of suppliers and purchasing processes. It's a tool that not only streamlines day-to-day operations, but also opens up prospects for creating more strategic relationships with suppliers. Ultimately, satisfied suppliers mean more efficient and profitable operations for the entire organization.

Marta Kaczmarek, Procurement Excellence Area Coordinator

Examples of the use of integration packages

Off-the-shelf integration packages save businesses time and resources, while increasing flexibility and enabling them to adapt to changing market needs. For the enterprise, it also means faster delivery of value to both internal users and customers, which is essential in today's competitive business environment.


Integrates CRM system with customer service tools

Facilitates the tracking and management of customer relationships, leading to improved service and increased customer satisfaction.


Integration of analytical applications with database and data sources

Enables fast and accurate analysis for better decision-making.


Integration of e-commerce platform with warehouse management system

Streamlines logistics processes and optimizes product delivery.

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