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Process automation and drag & drop applications

Businesses expect to respond quickly to market changes and deliver new solutions to customers in a short period. Services such as SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Build Applications (formerly known as AppGyver) represent a breakthrough in how businesses create solutions without requiring advanced programming knowledge.

The unique value of these tools is their ability to facilitate software development without coding. This makes software development and automation faster, more accessible, and, above all, cheaper, allowing companies to dynamically adapt to changing market needs.

With tools such as SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Build Applications, we can generate new applications, business processes, and solutions that are more flexible and customized for your business. This will keep you competitive and increase your ability to innovate.

With the SAP Build process, the development of complex IT solutions has become significantly more efficient. This tool enables the rapid development of a solution prototype, which makes it possible to verify its compliance with requirements in a short period of time. In short, SAP Build translates first and foremost into significant resource savings, both in terms of time and money. We recommend this tool especially to companies that want to implement new IT solutions into their processes at a low cost.

Marek Pikosz, Power Platform Developer

An example application of SAP Build tools

SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Build Applications allow businesses to use their potential more effectively and increase innovation. These are tools that enable you to build applications and business processes in a dramatically faster and more accessible way, which is crucial in today's digital business environment.


Mobile business application development.

We will build mobile applications for you to manage processes, analyze data, or deliver services to your customers.


Business process automation.

These tools allow you to easily create complex business processes that involve multiple steps and dependencies.


Development of interactive user interfaces.

Enable the design and implementation of interactive user interfaces in a simple way, which is important for web applications.

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