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Collaborate more efficiently and communicate more effectively

Integrating solutions from SAP’s portfolio with products from other vendors, available as part of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), opens up extraordinary opportunities to improve communication and collaboration between different systems. The unique value of such integration is the ability to combine advanced SAP tools, such as S4HANA, with popular communication and collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams.

Businesses expect effective communication within the organization and the ability to respond quickly to scheduled actions and events. Sending notifications of planned actions from S4HANA to MS Teams and vice versa allows for immediate information about important events, as well as collaboration and coordination between teams.

The application, which integrates the S4/HANA system with communicators such as MS Teams, is a great tool for making document verification more convenient for employees, as well as for improving the company's internal processes. Its operation is based on technologies, shared within the MS Azure platform, and the application itself is dedicated to the SAP BTP platform. However, thanks to the use of containerization, it is also possible to deploy it to other cloud environments and virtual machines.

Paweł Janocha, SAP Cloud Application Developer

Example integrations

The integration of S4HANA with Microsoft Teams is an excellent example of how different tools can work together to increase efficiency and provide comprehensive solutions. Companies that benefit from such integration can respond more dynamically to changes and make better use of their resources, which is crucial in a competitive business environment.


Integration of ERP systems with project management tools.

Allows real-time monitoring of project progress, schedules, and tasks.


Integration of analytical tools with human resource management systems.

Facilitates analysis of employee data and performance, leading to better human resource management.


Integration of CRM systems with marketing tools.

Improves customer data management and allows for more effective marketing campaigns.

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