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Customer Service
Implementation of the SAP CRM system and SAP Fiori application suite


Before starting the project, processes related to customer service were executed with the use of shared files, and traditional printed documents. At the company’s constantly growing scale, the increasing number of data made it impossible for the Customer Service office to work efficiently.

The following problems have been identified:

  • No possibility to verify the efficiency of the consultants’ work, creating statistics and reports
  • Lack of integration between the client’s systems
  • Generating vast numbers of unstructured information, which was then difficult to analyse


  • A comprehensive and innovative Customer Service system including the complaint, ordering, recovery, and other service processes
  • Full control over phone calls and e-mails from the level of the SAP Fiori apps
  • Integration with SAP CRM, SAP CAR, SAP CC (BCM), and SAP Hybris Marketing systems
  • Well developed reporting capabilities and analysing statistics
  • Access to the complete customer service history
  • Automatic identification of a contacting client allowing for an overview of the most important data in the moment of answering a call
  • Customized app views based on roles


  • Implementing the SAP CRM system and creating more than 20 apps of the SAP Fiori type based on this system, within a short period of eight months
  • Improving Customer Service, complaints, ordering, and other processes
  • Clear, intuitive, and user-friendly interfaces
  • Creating one, coherent tool to work with Consultants, acquiring data from many dispersed sources
  • Reducing Customer Service costs by improving processes, eliminating the need to use many systems at the same time, and also acquiring many data used to carry out analyses and generate reports


SAP Fiori, SAPUI5, SAP Contact Center (BCM), SAP Hybris Marketing, SAP CAR, SAP CRM, SAP ERP

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