Standard Audit File - new e-control ✍ solution from the Ministry of Finance

Standard Audit File

Built on SAP Cloud Platform

What is Standard Audit File?

Standard Audit File is a comprehensive report that businesses must submit to tax authorities. It is a file in XML format with agreed logical structure whose scope covers most of the financial and accounting processes occurring in companies. It must be created in accordance with the standard published by the Ministry of Finance, which had been  based on the SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) standard. The data for the file is usually obtained from ERP systems, but it can also come from other sources, such as, for example, manually compiled Excel files.


Ultimately, the obligation to create such a file will be the responsibility of all entrepreneurs. As of July 2016 it is procured by large entities and, at later dates, also by SME sector companies.


The obligation includes monthly dispatch of the SAF VAT structure and reporting the rest of the structures only when summoned by tax authorities as part of a standard inspection.

Apollogic original SAF application

In order to enable companies to adapt to the changes as soon as possible, Apollogic developed an original product which helps generate tax and accounting data in the form of the Standard Audit File. The solution is based on efficient SAP HANA in-memory technology.

The solution is dedicated to the following:

  • enterprises using SAP ERP system based on HANA environment
  • companies using SAP ERP system based on traditional database
  • organizations that work with other IT systems

The Apollogic SAF application facilitates business data retrieval from a variety of systems. The solution uses the resources of SAP HANA in the cloud and remains independent of the accounting system implemented in the company. It also ensures greater data processing efficiency and effectiveness in generating the final XML format file.


The Apollogic original SAF application covers all requirements formulated by the Ministry of Finance. It covers not only the process of generating the file, but also its dispatch and receiving Official Receipt Confirmation (the so-called UPO). The application  used to generate the SAF has been designed after the SAP Fiori model of ensure as modern UX, ease of use and access from the level of any device.

View our SAF Tool Kit!

Business benefits

The servicing of the entire process in one application

The application guides the user through all the stages required for fulfilling the SAF obligation, starting from downloading data from systems, through generating a file, ending with sending and receiving the official receipt (UPO).

Modern User Experience

By means of the latest UX standard, similarly to SAP Fiori, this solution has a simple and legible interface.

Integration of data from many sources

Thanks to innovative SAP HANA Cloud Platform technology, this application guarantees a simple method of combining information from ERP systems with other sources, such as Excel files.

High standards of data safety

Technological layer of the application guarantees data maintenance in Europe, constant access to the platform, and its quality is confirmed by international ISO certificates.


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