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Split Payment

Adjust your ERP system to the new regulations!

Since 1 July 2018, entrepreneurs have been able to settle their accounts via the so-called split payment. This is a type of payment that is divided into two parts - the net amount is transferred to the main account and the tax to a special VAT account.

Split payment in SAP

Implementation of the split payment in SAP ERP consists of two possible scenarios:

Split Payment

SAP solution: for companies using automatic payments
implementation within two working days

Split Payment

Adaptation of the system to individual requirements
If the company has not implemented automatic payments

We will help you to adjust your SAP ERP system to the new regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The split payment may only be used for transactions betwen VAT payers. It cannot be used in B2C transactions.

As there is no possibility of joint transfers for several invoices, each of them has to be paid by a separate bank transfer. For example, in the case of 10 invoices, 10 transfers have to be made, which can be associated with higher bank charges.

Interest on the money collected on the VAT account will be transferred to the primary account of the entrepreneur. The interest rate depends on the bank and should correspond to the percentage of the base account.

It is possible to pay VAT earlier than required. In this case, the entrepreneur may pay a smaller amount, calculated in accordance with the formula published by the Ministry of Finance.