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Tibco Spotfire

Interactive business data visualizations

Tibco Spotfire is a tool that allows you to visualize corporate data quickly and easily using ready-to-use, pre-configured analytical scenarios. The solution enables business analysts to perform ad hoc analyses and share the results with other users as ready-made dashboards. Tibco provides analysis and modeling of data from multiple sources, including ERP systems, Excel sheets, and dozens of different sources.

Tibco Spotfire is:


Intuitive cockpit and interactive charts


Integrated Python engine (IronPython)


Advanced analytics available for every user


Support for JS, HTML etc.


Extensive and integrated R engine


Extended language for creating new measures

Our Offer

Wdrożenie, utrzymanie i rozbudowa Tibco Spotfire

Implementation, maintenance and development of Tibco Spotfire

Integracja i pobieranie różnych źródeł danych do narzędzia wraz z ETL/ELT

Integration and extraction of various data sources into the solution along with ETL/ELT tools

Konsulting, warsztaty 
i szkolenia dla 
użytkowników końcowych

Consulting, workshops and trainings for end-users

Budowa zaawansowanych, spersonalizowanych raportów przez zespół doświadczonych konsultantów

Development of advanced, personalized reports by a team of experienced consultants

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