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Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Smart AI chatbots for automating business processes

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents solution allows creating and managing efficient AI chatbots that smoothly integrate with everyday tools and services. Intelligent assistants answer users’ questions 24 hours a day, making it easier to solve the most common issues.

Benefits for your company

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Faster solution development & implementation

Chatbot development is a complex process that requires frequent updates and cooperation between project team members. Microsoft Power Virtual Agents enables building custom tools using an intuitive graphical interface, reducing the time needed to deliver a complete solution.

Automatyzacja procesów biznesowych

Automating time-consuming tasks

Smart bots built with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents can interact with your website users, answer customers' frequently asked questions, and talk to them on specific topics. With Artificial Intelligence algorithms' support, it's possible to automate tasks that take your employees' valuable time.

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Wide scope of applications

Integrating chatbot with other company's tools will facilitate HR, technical support, or customer service representatives' daily work. Bots can solve the most common problems, and in case of lack of data, they can establish a connection with an appropriate consultant or create a request for a specific inquiry.

Discover Microsoft Power Platform

The service developed for designing virtual assistants is an integral part of the Microsoft Power Platform product line. By integration with the Power Automate, you will expand the possibilities of a chatbot and implement any scenario.

Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power Apps

Applications created with Microsoft Power Apps platform help face challenges related to business process modernization and automation of time-consuming tasks.

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate

With Microsoft Power Automate, you can create automated workflows, combine data from multiple distributed sources and integrate the most commonly used company tools.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

The interactive form of reports built with Microsoft Power BI supports making the right business decisions based on data integrated within one solution.

Integration possibilities

To increase your company’s innovation, set up a chatbot at all customer touchpoints – websites, mobile applications and social media channels. Power Virtual Agents works both as a standalone web application and a solution integrated with Microsoft Teams communicator.

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With a constantly evolving set of Microsoft Azure cloud services and by combining Power Virtual Agents with the new generation of CRM & ERP applications – Dynamics 365, you will increase the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform products.