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Retail Excellence Solution for Consumer-Packaged Goods

powered by SAP Customer Experience Suite

Consumer product companies face challenges in many areas. Change in customer behavior is affecting stable sales and growth. In addition, fierce competition and wide availability of choice cause a decrease in purchase repetitiveness and overall brand loyalty. It forces even more pressure on consumer packaged goods companies to provide the right product at the right price when the customer is making a purchasing decision.

Sales & Marketing Departments are facing some difficult questions nowadays


How to deliver a consistent offer to the customers?


How to manage promotion compliance within all stores?


How to find the perfect tools to meet the needs of retail sales merchandisers?

Retail Excellence Solution answers those questions and helps you create a perfect store experience for your customers.

Key features of Retail Excellence Solution









Improve your sales and merchandising to deliver an amazing buying experience!

Key benefits


Improved visit planning & preparation

Make sure your sales reps concentrate on selling when they visit the store. Help them plan and optimize routes, filter store locations based on priority, history, visit frequency, or account classification.


Winning on the shelf with Perfect Store Execution

Help sales reps by relevant surveys and tasks depending on the store they`re visiting. Validate product visibility and presence with Image Recognition Technology. Generate quotes orders and service request during the visit on any mobile device.


Advanced Analytics to Gain Insight and Improve Performance

The solution provides real-time insight into the key performance data that matters to you most. Check how stores perform compared to others, monitor competition and their pricing strategy, collect KPI`s and sales reps' activity.

It`s all about getting the right product
at the right price at the right time!

Tomasz Radomski

„We equip your sales representatives with the right tool to guarantee your product availability as well as agreed visibility at the shelf leading to the right customer purchasing decision - therefore optimizing sales visit efficiency and merchandising performance. All this within a 12-week implementation cycle”.

Tomasz Radomski, VP, Digital Transformation Advisor

Why Apollogic?


Retail Excellence in the Cloud – SAP Qualified Partner Package


SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Marketing successful implementations


Error-proof implementation methodology


Additional Customer Experience transformation workshop and roadmap


Industry knowledge


Training, Support, and 3rd part Integrations

All within a 12-week implementation cycle!

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