Efficient Supplier Relationship Management

What is SAP SRM?

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is a comprehensive approach, backing up the process of management and procurement, which improves delivering products and services necessary for business operations.

SAP SRM ensures innovative methods of coordinating company business processes connected with key suppliers and makes them more effective. This SRM software enables the optimisation of shopping strategies and orders in order to improve the management of suppliers and obtain long-term benefits in mutual relationships. With SAP SRM companies can study and predict shopping behaviours, shorten procurement cycles and cooperate with partners in real time. The system also allows for the management of individual orders of the company’s employees and coordinate tenders.

SAP SRM UI Add-on Interface

UI Add-on supports the process of individual fulfilment of orders by company employees (self-service procurement) in SAP SRM software. Add-on features maintain the UX interface, consistent with previous versions, based on new User Experience technology, designed in an intuitive way, where employees without technical skills or training can quickly learn to use the tool. This solution facilitates the process of ordering resources by the organisation’s employees and guarantees higher autonomy, while maintaining the control of the company over the orders fulfilled. Interface UI Add-on may be successfully used in various organisations operating in different sectors.

SAP Fiori for SAP SRM

SAP Fiori web applications are designed based on modern UX practices, making the SAP SRM software simpler and more convenient. Applications are dedicated to a specific user based on its needs and the type of work. Solutions are characteristic for their flexibility, simplicity and coherence. The operations are intuitive, allowing people without technical skills and training to easily learn how to use simple functionalities. The applications are available on every device.

Our offer

Optimisation of individual shopping

  • Installation of SAP SRM UI Add-on interface
  • Extension of the interface with additional functionalities

SAP SRM Consulting:

  • Installation of SAP SRM system
  • Integration of the platform with SAP systems
  • System support and maintenance

SAP Fiori for SRM

  • Creating of SAP Fiori applications
  • Implementation of ready-made applications
  • Support and development of the applications
  • Consulting services

Business benefits

Simplified purchasing process

SAP SRM facilitates fluent and standardised purchase of goods and services.

Control over orders

Thanks to the framework and the principles of circulation of documents defined in the system, the company has control over procurement carried out by employees.

Extension option

By means of its open architecture, the system offers possibilities of its extension with new applications, e.g. SAP Fiori for SRM, and also functionalities.

Cost reduction

Thanks to automating the procurement process, costs of processing orders are reduced.

Effective suppliers management

SAP SRM ensures a better insight into relationships with suppliers and helps build positive contacts with key co-operators of the company.

User-friendly interface

By means of installing UI Add-on interface and a possibility of extension with SAP Fiori application, system operation is intuitive and convenient.