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Integrated system supporting company management

ERP system is a broad term covering all enterprise areas where we deal with resources – human, financial, material, or information. IT system supporting the company management is a powerful tool that is a source of competitive advantage.

SAP ERP covers the following functional modules

Finanse i kontroling

Finance & controlling

FI & CO module

The financial accounting module is designed to manage the company's cash and provide transactional data. By automating the accounting processes, the system enables the fast execution of reports and statements. The accounting system also gives control over the budget and financial liquidity.

Module scope:

  • Financial accounting
  • Cash management
  • Controlling
  • Project management
  • Investment management
Sprzedaż i dystrybucja - moduł sd

Sales & distribution

SD module

This module allows increasing the effectiveness of the company's sales and distribution processes. Through features such as: maintaining a client register, collecting and analyzing sales data, and organizing distribution, the application contributes to building long-term relationships with contractors.

Module scope:

  • Customer service
  • Goods shipping
  • Invoicing
  • Debt collection
  • Identification of market opportunities
  • Sales analyses
Łańcuch dostaw - moduł mm

Supply chain

MM module

The SAP ERP system supports logistics processes in the enterprise, including planning, procurement, and inventory management. Effective supply chain management reduces purchasing, warehousing & production costs, improves customer service, and streamlines cooperation with suppliers.

Module scope:

  • Materials management and supplies
  • Warehouse management
  • Production planning
  • Repair and maintenance management
  • Quality management
Olga Langowska

Every organization aims to gain a competitive advantage. Dynamic analysis and quick decision-making are necessary. There is no time for long-lasting business data processing and waiting for reports for several days – such data is no longer useful. It turns out that it's crucial to support an intelligent IT system that will give managers the tools and the latest information about the processes taking place in the company. Collecting corporate data and automating & simplifying critical business processes are the key to making the right operational decisions

Olga Langowska, SAP Finance Consultant

Why does your company need an ERP system?

SAP ERP systems in the ECC version aren’t a new idea for entrepreneurs – the integrated software supporting organization management has been functioning on the market for many years. The main effort of the producer is put into its support and maintenance of continuous operation and not into the development of new features. The challenge is also to adapt modules to the dynamically evolving business needs and legal requirements, particularly in financial and accounting regulations. Companies operate in a changing reality, which must be reflected in the system. Therefore, there is a need for support from a reliable partner who will ensure that the software operates according to current regulations.

Business benefits


Bringing the most important business processes inside a single system


Better control over your business


Aggregation of data from different company departments


Users benefit from a unified database

Our offer

Transformacja cyfrowa firm


With many years of experience and market knowledge, we offer our customers support in adapting the SAP system to changing legal regulations.



Our consultants keep track of changes in the law and prepare recommendations for system users to ensure that amendments are reflected in a given module.

Integrujemy rozwiązania finansowo-księgowe z Twoim systemem SAP

Extensions & integrations

We have the competence to maintain SAP systems and extend their basic features, responding to the current organizations' needs.

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SAP ERP integration capabilities

Integracja z najnowszymi rozwiązaniami z portfolio produktów SAP

Integration with the latest solutions in the SAP product portfolio

Although the SAP ECC system has been on the market for many years, it's open to integration with the latest SAP technologies. You can connect selected modules with other systems in the SAP infrastructure and benefit from solutions based on the SAP HANA database or from modern reporting.

Integracja z rozwiązaniami dla działów finansowo-księgowych

Integration with solutions for finance and accounting departments

Cloud technologies enable flexible data transmission, as in the solution for generating and sending JPK reports or in the tool for controlling the status of taxpayers and their accounts in the Ministry of Finance's electronic database – the white list of VAT payers.

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