The next-generation ERP system


SAP S/4HANA It is the newest SAP product on the market of ERP systems. Designed from the scratch, this ERP in the cloud system offers wide opportunities within the scope of the management of company resources.
The trend of SAP assumes concentrating strategical activities in one system and introducing numerous integrated applications located in the cloud, which support auxiliary areas, such as human resources management, management of relationships with suppliers or customers.
Such a design of the company hardware allows for high flexibility. Thus, the implementation of a solution does not require months of preparations. Applications in the cloud are cheaper and better available  compared to the earlier system versions.

SAP S/4 HANA Integration

The system connects with ready-made solutions prepared by SAP,e.g. SuccessFactors for HR or Ariba dedicated to SRM, but it also allows for the integration of own applications according to specific needs.

New data structure

The innovation of S/4 HANA is connected with new data organisation in SAP HANA base. Compared to the former system versions of SAP ERP, the data structure is simplified considerably. At first sight, it is an invisible functionality but it ensures a totally new approach to planning the company resources. Thus, access to current information does not require time-consuming data processing and it is possible just when it is needed.

Exceptional User Experience

Out-of-date interface was replaced by aesthetic views of SAP Fiori application. Now the user of SAP S/4 HANA system will be provided with access to a cockpit where all its activities will be presented on a single screen in the form of friendly tiles. Where possible, data will be presented in a graphical form, and the use of intuitive analogy to the colour of street lights  will enable instant responses  if any activities are necessary.

Business processes

Respective functionalities in SAP S/4 HANA were re-designed. Using available computational capabilities, it was possible to change standard processes to make them maximally concurrent with the business reality. Artefacts caused by technical restrictions of a database or a programming language were eliminated, and suggested solutions satisfy expectations of even the most demanding companies.

Our offer

  • Implementation of S/4HANA system in any available model
  • Migration of ERP to S/4 HANA system
  • Integration of the system with business applications
  • Extension with new functionalities by means of SAP Cloud Platform
  • Consulting services

Business benefits

Complex ERP system

SAP S/4 HANA is a thorough system based on modern in-memory SAP HANA database.

New reporting possibilities

The system provides access to business data in real time without the need for time-consuming data processing.

Extension possibility

This solution allows for the extension of functionalities with standard and dedicated application located in the cloud.

Investment safety

S/4 HANA will be the only system supported by SAP in the forthcoming years.

Choice of the implementation model

This system is available in the cloud, in a local customer’s base (on premise) or in a hybrid model.


The system integrates with SAP solutions and applications, and also Big Data and Internet of Things technologies.