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SAP Customer Data Cloud

Take control over your customers' experience now

Thanks to SAP Customer Data Cloud, you will understand your customers better, know their personal preferences and connect them with your brand.

SAP Customer Data Cloud allows you to:


Build-up customer trust


Unify data into a single profile

collect customer

Collect and track consent history


Understand better your clients’ behaviors

collect customer

Collect customer data from various sources


Instantly analyze massive data volumes across various devices and different channels

Check SAP Customer Data Cloud products:

customer data cloud
customer data cloud

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management

Highest level of customer' data protection

With SAP CIAM you are protecting your customers’ data by making sure, that the information sent by users via the network is always secured. Now you don’t have to create new accounts. You can just simply do this by using secure registration forms or by single sign-on/ logout.

You can also engage your customers across different communication channels – no matter of devices they are using

SAP Enterprise Consent and Preference Management

Contact the one that want to stay in touch

This solution, adjusted to the new European regulations like GDPR, allows your business to follow the current law without any worries. This way you are fully transparent to your customers, and you are giving them control over their personal data so they can view or even delete their information. SAP ECPM helps you to build trust and loyalty among your clients.

zarządzanie zgodami

SAP Customer Profile

360-degree view on your customer

Enterprises gather clients’ information from the number of sources like newsletters, web, ads, and campaigns. With this tool, you can unify all the data into the single customer profile and collect them to gain complex 360° views.

Take control over your customers' experience now!

Try also additional features of SAP Customer Data Cloud to

measure conversion
measure conversion
analyze customer and machine data
customer and machine data

Your customer data management center

Business benefits

Enhance awareness of your brand

Increase trust and loyalty of your customers

Unify customers’ profile

Take proper care of user data protection

Analyze customers experiences

Track transformation of online visitors into know customers

Increase conversion rates

Gain tool for managing all needed consent

Integrate with products inside SAP Customer Experience Suite

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SAP Customer Data Cloud is a part of SAP Customer Experience. Explore its possibilities!