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Poland KSeF SAP – the National System of e-Invoices

Solution for automatic dispatch and receipt of structured e-Invoices

As of January 1, 2022, taxpayers can voluntarily use the National e-Invoice System (KSeF – Krajowy System e-Faktur), which greatly facilitates the settlement of business-to-business trade.

On 26 April 2024 the Ministry of Finance has announced new dates for the introduction of the National e-Invoicing System. According to the latest findings, the system will enter in two stages:

  • 1 February 2026 for entrepreneurs whose sales value exceeds PLN 200 million,
  • 1 April 2026 for all other entrepreneurs.

To support organizations and automate the provision and receipt of structured invoices, Apollogic experts have prepared a solution that integrates KSeF with SAP.

Benefits for your company

automatyzacja dzięki KSeF

Automated process of sending structured e-Invoices to KSeF

Krajowy Rejestr e-Faktur

Sending, receiving and reviewing e-Invoices from a single solution

Krajowy Rejestr e-Faktur

Complete overview of the status of all documents

KSeF – Krajowy System e-Faktur

Simplified VAT refund procedure

Olga Langowska Apollogic

Our goal was to develop an intuitive solution that fits seamlessly into the organization's processes. The obligation to handle structured invoices is an additional responsibility for the finance and accounting departments. Therefore, it's crucial to provide teams with a solution to support them and minimize the time needed to carry out time-consuming activities.

Olga Langowska, SAP Finance Consultant

Poland KSeF SAP – how does our solution work?

Apollogic’s solution integrates the SAP system using a cloud component to communicate with the KSeF API. The solution works in both SAP ECC and S/4HANA versions. When moving to a new system version, there is no requirement to invest in expensive customization – all you need is simple migration.

Sales invoices

Our solution enables browsing invoices prepared for sending in a dedicated cockpit, editing them, and creating a package of invoices for dispatch. Afterward, the user signs the package and sends it to the KSeF gateway via the middleware, and then receives information on the status of the shipment and an Official Receipt Certificate (UPO) with the necessary dates and reference numbers.

Purchase invoices

The user can download invoices issued in KSeF for a given recipient. Purchase invoices are saved temporarily in the SAP system with the option of viewing them in a dedicated cockpit. Once in the system, the invoice can be transferred for accounting, which can be done automatically or manually – depending on the process and customer requirements.

Do you want to know more details? Watch the webinar

Our experts will tell you how to check if your organization is ready for the upcoming changes, how to automate invoice shipping from SAP, and how KSeF can support the handling of purchase invoices.

Features supporting integration with KSeF


Sending sales invoices from FI and SD areas


Storing data returned by KSeF in the SAP system with statuses details and Official Receipt Certificate (UPO)


Receiving purchase invoices and processing them in FI and MM transactions


Checking the technical and logical correctness of the structured e-Invoice before sending all packages


Ability to make client adjustments and extensions

What do we offer?

Krajowy Rejestr e-Faktur

Pre-implementation workshops

Wdrożenie, utrzymanie 
i rozbudowa rozwiązania

Solution implementation, maintenance and development

Silne partnerstwa

Post-implementation support

Budowa zaawansowanych, spersonalizowanych raportów przez zespół doświadczonych konsultantów

Training for

The main challenges for the taxpayers

Łączenie danych

Data aggregation

The necessity of aggregating data from several modules potentially dispersed in various systems

Uporządkowanie procesu

Process streamlining

The process of issuing different varieties of sales invoices should be systemized and automated



Sending and receiving e-Invoices process must be secured appropriately and users need to be authorized

SAP KSeF Poland – solution architecture scheme

KSEF purchasing invoice

Why Apollogic?


We have extensive experience in implementing and maintaining SAP systems


We follow a proven project methodology ensuring complete transparency of what is happening at each stage of cooperation


Our consultants are certified experts in finance and accounting


We adapt implementation projects to individual business needs


We integrate our custom tools with the system already running in the organization


We offer a comprehensive suite of financial and accounting solutions for SAP systems

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Dawid Kornacki

Dawid Kornacki

Sales Manager

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