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Counteracting excessive payment delays

Adapting SAP system to new regulations

As of January 1, 2020, the “Act amending certain regulations in order to limit payment backlogs” is in force in Poland, which aims to increase the financial liquidity of enterprises, reduce payment backlogs and strengthen the position of creditors in commercial transactions. Entrepreneurs have been required to prepare a report on payment practices. To help organizations adapt their accounting and financial processes to the current regulations, we offer support in adapting the SAP system’s standard functionalities.

Olga Langowska

The entry into force of regulations to reduce excessive payment delays introduces several changes in everyday business practice. The amendment to the act entails higher interest for late payment in commercial transactions, shortening of maximum payment terms, diversified amounts of compensation for the costs incurred in collecting debts, the obligation to prepare a report on the payment terms used, and tax relief for "bad debts". SAP offers standard functionalities and solutions to help companies meet these obligations.

Olga Langowska, SAP Finance Consultant

Our offer

zdalne warsztaty, w trakcie których rozpoznajemy potrzeby przedsiębiorstwa


The support we offer our clients includes two elements. First, we arrange a remote workshop, during which we identify the company's needs, discuss the possibilities of improving business processes, and propose available solutions. After the meeting, the client receives a document containing recommendations and the final valuation of the implementation scope presented during the workshop.

wdrażamy wszystkie funkcjonalności ustalone w trakcie warsztatów


In the second step, we implement all the functionalities set during the workshop. Such an approach allows us to address each customer's individual needs and know the used system's current configuration. All recommendations are based on standard SAP functionalities that can be implemented and maintained with little effort. It's also flexible from the perspective of budget planning required for SAP system adaptation for legal change.

Benefits for your company


Automating the process of preparing a payment practices report


Reduction of time required to prepare the report


Timely fulfillment of the obligation imposed by the legislator


Effective prevention of payment gridlocks

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Why Apollogic?

Jako autoryzowany Partner SAP mamy wieloletnie doświadczenie

As an authorized SAP Partner, we have many years of experience in implementing and maintaining SAP systems

Transformacja cyfrowa firm

We adapt the application's functionalities to the organizations' current needs

Nasi konsultanci to certyfikowani eksperci z zakresu finansów 
i księgowości

Our certified consultants are experts in finance and accounting

Integrujemy rozwiązania finansowo-księgowe z Twoim systemem SAP

We integrate financial and accounting solutions with your SAP system

Oferujemy kompleksowy zestaw rozwiązań finansowo-księgowych dla systemów SAP

We offer a comprehensive suite of financial and accounting solutions for SAP systems, including SAF-T, white list, e-Invoicing and others

Przeprowadzamy szkolenia 
i warsztaty dla użytkowników końcowych

We provide training
and workshops for end-users

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Dawid Kornacki Apollogic

Dawid Kornacki

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