Customer Relationship Management

What is SAP CRM?

Why SAP CRM? SAP CRM is one of the key platforms offered by SAP. It is a response to the need of gaining new customers and maintaining and developing relationships with customers already existing in the company databases.

Owing to the technological development, SAP CRM is able to go beyond the regular system for managing customer databases. The access to a range of solutions as part of this platform enables adjusting it to the needs of respective companies and their operations: business processes starting from gaining customers through the fulfilment of an order to the complete post-sale care. The integration of all the processes is a key element by means of which activities will be more efficient, faster and above all cheaper.

The implementation of SAP CRM results in boosting the sales (whose growth results from higher satisfaction with the quality of services) and conducting more ordered and more effective commercial activities.

Top class CRM systems such as SAP Marketing (Cloud) and SAP Commerce (Cloud) can create multi-channel customer experience according to new trends in the management of relationships with customers. They include tools within the scope of the analysis of customers’ behaviours, personalisation, e-commerce, Social CRM, omnichanneling, Customer Journey Map and others.

Our offer

  • SAP CRM Consulting
  • SAP Marketing (Cloud)
  • SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud
  • SAP Commerce (Cloud)

Business benefits

Better familiarity with business partners

Customer history in a single place provides a possibility of offering more customised services in the future.

Faster implementation of selling processes

Efficient access to data and decision-making support from the system helps in focusing on correct customer service.

Identifying and satisfying customers’ needs

By means of well-maintained CRM system, the correct identification of customers’ needs is possible.

The effective management of a marketing budget

More detailed data on customers contribute to better segmentation and analysis of the potential of target groups.

Higher loyalty of customers

Establishing more durable relationships is an effect of better understanding of a customer.

Detailed analysis of sales departments effectiveness

Owing  to modern CRM systems the management board is able to control sales results and their sources.