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How to find new sources of savings?

Reducing operating costs, finding new sources of savings, and managing supply chain risk more effectively are top priorities for CEOs facing the need to invest in digital technologies to ensure their company thrives in the new reality. Cloud-based tools come to the rescue, allowing you to optimize your processes and significantly improve your business operations without worrying about downtime.

Tomasz Radomski

The global pandemic has changed the way customers and suppliers interact. For consumers, in addition to unit price, the accessibility of a given product or raw material is crucial. In addition, intense competition reduces recurring purchases and makes it difficult to build brand loyalty. At Apollogic, we support companies in finding new sources of savings and maintaining sales continuity with the help of the latest technological solutions.

Tomasz Radomski, VP Apollogic, Digital Transformation Advisor

Expense management

With a unified expense view, CIOs can find hidden costs they didn’t realize existed. Implementing modern purchasing policies will help increase profitability and meet financial targets.

Supply security

In the realities of a dynamically evolving market environment, it’s extremely important to ensure production continuity and anticipate threats before they affect the entire organization, making it impossible to maintain financial stability. Being part of a global business network helps entrepreneurs minimize risk and manage their supply chains.

Intelligent analytics

Business analytics is the complex process of turning large volumes of data into valuable insights, and those insights into knowledge that allows you to make better decisions about your business and respond faster to a changing marketplace.

Simple business apps

To optimize business processes, accelerate workflows and automate time-consuming activities, it is not necessary to implement a complex IT system and spend months building the appropriate software. Low-code and no-code platforms enable application development in significantly less time by using visual design technology based on a drag-and-drop interface.

Flexibility through the cloud

Maintaining advanced IT systems on your own infrastructure involves a number of fixed costs that cannot be avoided without interfering with the security and stability of your business. By choosing cloud solutions you gain the ability to easily and quickly scale resources depending on the current needs of your organization.

Tomasz Radomski

The report "Capturing Poland’s potential for accelerated digital growth" prepared by strategic advisory firm McKinsey & Company shows that 42% of entrepreneurs see cost savings as the greatest value of cloud deployment. This shows that cloud is not only a key driver of innovation, but is also the answer to the need to reduce the cost of ownership and maintenance of IT infrastructure. Cloud transformation can have a positive impact on an organization's financial flow by converting capital expenditures into operating expenditures.

Tomasz Radomski, VP Apollogic, Digital Transformation Advisor

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