SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

CRM in the cloud

What is SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer?

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is a CRM solution provided in the cloud which ensures the increase in the effectiveness of sales and customer service, and also contributes to the building of long-term relations.

Enjoy the rich functionality of the cloud and unique User Experience

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is an environment dedicated to modern organisations which by means of one system want to integrate activities from the marketing and sales area, make use of business analytics, and monitor the activity of its customers in social media. This solution also provides a unique User Experience, based on interfaces used in SAP Fiori applications. SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is also equipped with the full range of mobile functions. It ensures servicing on stationary computers and on any mobile device in on-line and off-line mode.

Collect data on customers, their sector, expectations and needs in real time

This system is based on SAP HANA platform which enables data processing in real time. This solution also offers extended predictive analytics which in advance identifies customers’ behaviours, detects and predicts sales trends and uses all the resources which are necessary for the immediate generation of offers and completing transactions.

Engage your customers, using any communication channels

This solution also ensures wide opportunities for contacting customers. SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer allows for e-mail contact, in a selling point, or even communication through social portals, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer offers three functional areas:

  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales
  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Service
  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement

Our offer

  • Environment configuration
  • Integration of the tool with SAP systems
  • Extension of the existing instances with new functionalities
  • Modification of standard functionalities
  • Consulting services in the scope of environment functionalities

Business benefits

Integration with SAP systems

SAP Hybris C4C is fully integrates with SAP system, including ERP, CRM, SAP Business One, SAP JAM, InsideView, D&B 360, Xactly and many others.

Extension possibility

Through its open architecture, the system offers the possibilities of its extension: customisation of standard applications and adding new applications: SAPUI5, Lumira reports, etc.

Short implementation time

This system may be provided as a service within a few weeks.

Independent system

This solution ensures full functionality without the need for integration with other systems. It may also operate in a hybrid model.

Low costs

This programme is characteristic for low implementation costs and no maintenance costs, owing to the technology in the cloud.

User Experience

This solution is highly intuitive and responsive. By means of the newest web technologies, such as Fiori and JavaScript, working with this tool is fluent and convenient.