Blockchain technology

providing the highest standard of security for all transaction partners

What is a blockchain?

Blockchain enables automation of processes between two or more companies, without the participation of intermediaries in business transactions. This technology provides security and increases the value of services and interactions, even when there is no full trust between the organizations.

What are your business needs?

Blockchain solutions are designed for companies:


Wishing to eliminate transaction intermediaries while maintaining transparency and data integrity


Seeking new sources of savings

Ochrona i bezpieczeństwo

Expecting high security standards for data exchanged with contractors


Needing improvements in commercial and financial processes for document flow and information exchange

Adam Wierzbiński Apollogic

"Blockchain is a specific database that stores data in a distributed system instead of storing information in a central location. Each member of the network uses it on equal terms – all changes are made by consensus. It means that blockchain operates autonomously without primary supervision. Solutions created on the basis of this technology offer a higher level of security than traditional solutions and allow for automation where previously it wasn't possible due to lack of full trust between the partners".

Adam Wierzbiński, Creative Director

Business benefits



Blockchain limits the possibility of errors, guarantees the integrity of documents and reduces the risk of data modification by both sides of the transaction – adding new information to the database requires the consent of all network users


Lower costs

Decentralisation eliminates the need to involve intermediaries, which generates less costs than using the traditional centralised system



Optimization of processes in the organization by removing intermediaries, without central data processing


Wide range of applications

Blockchain technology is used in every organization that processes data

Our offer

rozwiązania oparte na technologii blockchain

Creating solutions based on blockchain technology adapted to the individual needs of the organization

intergacja IT

Secure integration of the solution with the customer's IT environment


Consulting and supporting organizations in managing their own blockchain network

budowanie sieci użytkowników

Building a public or private network available to authorized users

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Dawid Kornacki Apollogic

Dawid Kornacki

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