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Completed projects

Implementing solutions for our customers, we pay attention to compliance with their business objectives, safety and innovative approach. This kind of attitude, combined with the experience of Apollogic experts, fosters success of completed projects. Our activities are focused on people and on discovering new needs and requirements which the IT solutions may meet. Using modern and proven technologies, we support our clients in their business activities and improve comfort of their work.

Implementation of Big Data environment in the pharmaceutical company

Creation of a system responsible for the automatic integration of all the data in one location (Data Lake).

The developed system was used by the entire company through ensuring access to granulated data and integrated and aggregated data from many commercial sources.

Implementation of SAP SRM application in e-commerce company

Implementation of 3 applications based on the SAPUI5 technology connected with the SAP SRM and the SAP ERP system by means of the OData protocol.

Applications are available at the level of all mobile devices and on all systems.

Implementation of Apollogic SAF application on the customer’s local HANA base

Application based on HANA database in SAPUI5 technology

It supports the entire process, starting from the generation, encoding and finishing with sending a file in one application. Successful sending is confirmed by the official receipt (UPO) which may be downloaded directly from the application.

Boosting the processing rate of data in a pharmaceutical company

By means of the Apache Spark technology, the time of obtaining business indicators was shortened. The respective steps of data processing were completed from 2 to 20 times faster compared to the project based on the Apache Hive technology. A different decrease in time of the tasks fulfilled was dependent on the operations performed during obtaining the results.

Indirect steps were stored in the memory which reduced the time for accessing data, at the same time allowing for avoiding unnecessary saving and disk space loss on the Hadoop platform.

SAP Fiori and SSO implementation in Animex

This application reduces a series of activities which extended the work time of the Shopping Department employees, such as completing transactions

The implementation of the SSO mechanism based on X.509 certificates allows for effective logging in given applications. This mechanism assumes that after generating customers’ certificates with embedded, e.g., users’ names, given certificates are signed by the Authorisation Centre for the purpose of the subsequent verification of the certificate authenticity.