Smart Solutions

Internet of Things technologies for your company

What are Smart Solutions?

Smart solutions is a general term for systems combining innovative technologies, both in terms of hardware (Internet of Things) and software. They are widely applied in many fields of life – starting from smart offices, cars, and finishing on cities.

This wide application range is obtained by means of various sensors. The available functionalities are not limited to the measurements only and collecting varied data, but also their visualisation and steering the respective equipment, which leads to the improvement of conditions and optimisation of the processes in organisations. Apollogic offers vide variety of Internet of Things for companies solutions.

Smart Heating

Smart Heating is the Internet of Things for companies solution, used in the measurements of heat consumption in real time in order to divide the heating cost among respective settlement units. At the same time, this system enables access to temperature, thermal and humidity data and their analysis and visualisation in real time.

This tool is used in buildings with different occupants, such as: housing cooperatives, companies, owners of single family houses, lessees of offices and conglomerates associating various entities.

Smart Office

Smart Office is the extension of the Smart Heating solution, which is connected to automated offices. This solution enables the smart management of a building, e.g.  in the scope of controlling heating, light, air-conditioning, movement detection, air quality analysis which is – the improvement of the company internal processes, optimisation of costs and consumption of resources. Employees will have access to data in real time, which may generate ecological habits.

Thanks to connecting the entire system through Big Data and Data Mining it is possible to analyse specific employee groups which allows for working in convenient conditions, fostering the effectiveness increase.

This solution uses the author’s Internet of Things technology, which makes it independent from external suppliers and gives more freedom and personalisation. The data processing is supported by innovative SAP Cloud Platform environment, ensuring efficiency, scalability, instant analyses and data safety.

Smart Car

Smart Car is an end-to-end IoT solution offered for business. It is dedicated to large companies and corporations, with their own car fleets and also to car rental places. A technological layer of the Smart Car system are modern technologies: SAP Cloud Platform, GSM, GPS, beacons, Bluetooth 4.0 and LoRa.

Integrated System of Fleet Management:


  • Car fleets are not optimized and efficient enough

    Companies struggle with managing high number of cars and their profitability.

  • Most of available solutions for corporate fleet management are not integrated with SAP systems

    SAP Cloud Platform provides real-time analytical tools, integration with SAP systems and anomaly analysis.

Integrated system for car rentals:


  • Replaced or stolen car parts in returned cars

    The way cars are returned to car rental companies is currently a problem which needs to be solved.

  • No supervision over rented vehicles

    Thanks to the Smart Car solution, car rentals are aware of the condition and status of particular vehicles.

Our solution

  • Costs optimization

    Access to statistics brings expenditure limitation by reducing resources and introduces eco-driving.

  • More suitable fleet management

    Vehicles are equipped with IoT controllers, beacons, sensors and Big Data analytics

  • Control over equipment exploitation

    Identification and notification systems improve control over car parts.

Our solution

  • Control over exploitation

    Notification system allows to recognize technical condition of rented car.

  • More competitive rental offering

    Thanks to ride efficiency analysis, new flexible offerings in a Pay-Per-Use model can be introduced.

  • Enhanced monitoring of car parts

    IoT beacons allow to accurately recognize current equipment state.

Smart City

Involvement into The Things Network, with a view to creating a global and open Internet of Things network, is part of our activity in this area. The initiative, launched in Amsterdam, aims to improve the daily lives of city dwellers. This is how Poznan can acquire the title of a Smart City, the universities can get new research opportunities, and business opportunities may open to companies.

The Things Network is an exceptional crowd-founding initiative which is aimed at establishing the global network of the Internet of Things. Thanks to unique technology, communication of the network respective parts may be faster than ever before.

This concept has been joined by the following cities: Amsterdam, Boston, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. The Apollogic IoT team started this initiative in Poznań.

Business benefits

The synergy of the Internet of Things tools with Big Data technologies

Thanks to combining the solutions of the Internet of Things with  Big Data technologies it is possible to obtain significant business knowledge from devices which may contribute to the boosting of company processes and cost optimisation.

Smart system

Apollogic solutions check and monitor specific parameters and, if necessary, they inform the user of an incident.

Project development

Apart from supplying ready-made solutions, it is possible to extend and personalise them according to the Customers’ expectations.

Intuitive interface

Solutions have simple and convenient interface, thanks to which users may monitor data on a current basis and change settings from any computer at any time.

Compatibility with mobile devices

Apollogic Smart Solutions offer full freedom of controlling and monitoring, cooperating with all mobile devices.

Non-invaisve installation

Smart Solutions are based on special sensors which which eliminate the need to run meters of cables.