SAP Marketing

Mass communication, individual approach.

SAP Marketing is an advanced Marketing Automation system for managing your marketing activities and customer relations. It allows real-time collection and processing of data on interactions and customer involvement level and implementation of effective campaigns and marketing rules.

SAP Marketing solutions allow you to:

  • Build up customer involvement in various channels
  • Target and segment various groups of recipients
  • Design and carry out personalised campaigns
  • Analyse customer behavior in real time
  • Create automated recommendations and predict customer behavior
  • Integrate data, tools and systems

Build up customer involvement in various channels

Target and segment various groups of recipients

Design and carry out personalised campaigns

Analyse customer behavior in real time

Create automated recommendations and predict customer behavior

Integrate data, tools and systems

Thanks to SAP Marketing, you will learn individual expectations of customers and you will be able to meet their needs in real time regardless of the channel in which they meet your brand.

Check the functions of SAP Marketing system

Create segments and personalize communication

With SAP Marketing, you can group your current and potential customers into relevant segments, which will make it possible for you to create better communication – both in effective form and message. All of this can be done with the help of an easy-to-use segmentation wizard.


  • A possibility to divide consumers into groups, basing on Big Data, in real time
  • An adhoc analysis of specific segments
  • Optimizing target groups basing on predictive analysis
  • A cascading window layout which helps to navigate and create specific segments
  • Flexible data sources, including social media, geographic location, SAP databases, and other

Build advanced customer journeys and fitting scenarios

Browse real customer journeys of your customers and based on them, create your own, professional journeys by choosing appropriate communication channels (e-mail, text message, social media) and creating personalised messages adjusted to time, content and form.

Manage Data

A large data base means a lot of data. You can have a lot of information from different sources concerning both anonymous and registered customers, however, only a thorough analysis supported by appropriate conclusions will allow you to take full advantage of the Big Data potential.


  • Connect, add, and enrich client profiles from various sources
  • Gain knowledge concerning known and anonymous clients in real time
  • Research user context, actions, and hobbies to build the complete profile
  • Determine the possibility of a purchase, backing out, and level of interest, in real time
  • Transform anonymous users into loyal clients and ambassadors of you brand
  • Analyze moods basing on data from social networks

Attract customers effectively

Regardless of the communication channel, its form and content, the main goal of your activities is to gain a customer. Appropriate targeting and matching the message to the recipient is crucial for effective increase of market share.


  • Build and implement multi-channel campaigns customized for client groups
  • Launch intelligent actions initiated by the behavior of an individual client
  • Create content adjusted to the recipient
  • Assess the efficiency of campaigns, have insight into their detailed analyses, research the level of customer commitment
  • Manage contents in various fields, for example e-mail, SMS, landing page, or social media

Maximize profits through recommendations

SAP Marketing has an advanced recommendation system, which will suggest complementary products to your customer in an intelligent and non-pushy way. So react here and now and maximize your income from a single transaction thanks to cross-selling and up-selling techniques!


  • Offer the client products important and complementary from his or her point of view, in real time, thanks to taking advantage of a dedicated recommendation module and a built-in base of predictive analysis algorithms
  • Optimize the process of creating product recommendations thanks to the Machine Learning process
  • Increase the conversion ratio with the use of verified product sales techniques
  • Take advantage of an integration with the SAP Commerce system as a standard

Measure conversion and execution of KPI

The aim of all marketing and sales activities is to increase sales. With SAP Marketing you can increase both the frequency and value of conversion, as well as measure the implementation of defined KPIs on an ongoing basis.


  • Real time remarketing with the use of dynamic e-mailing will allow you to increase incomes a 2%-10%
  • Get to know your clients thanks to analyzing their behavior on the website
  • Create a set of various campaigns to attract a client back to the website
  • Thanks to monitoring customer behaviors in real time you will optimize campaigns in accordance with your clients' current needs
  • A/B tests and creating rules increases the efficiency of your campaigns

Build loyalty towards your brand

The cost of acquiring a new customer is four times higher than keeping the current one. Thanks to solutions used in SAP Marketing you can make sure that as many of your customers as possible will remain loyal recipients of your products.

  • Increased brand attachment and extending customer life cycle
  • Enriched and engaging experience in the store
  • Customers - advocates of your brand
  • Possible integration with external SAP Commerce and C/4HANA systems equipped with a loyalty system: digital customer card and discount coupons
  • Flexible and easy-to-use user interface
  • Tool for managing generated leads
  • An appropriately built strategy of identification and segregation of customers will allow you to effectively select campaigns depending on user involvement level and response to your marketing activities.

Manage acquired leads

Properly planned strategy of marking and segregating users will allow you to effectively and efficiently adjust your campaigns depending on the degree of user`s involvement and their response to your marketing activities.


  • Determine a strategy for acquiring leads
  • Create a set of rules thanks to which you are going to measure the maturity level of a lead and its readiness to be monetized
  • A clear panel will allow you to verify the efficiency of conducted campaigns
  • Automatically transfer high quality leads to the sales department

Your marketing management centre

An analytical module is a crucial element of Marketing Automation, which will provide you and your superiors with a transparent insight into the efficiency of marketing activities carried out. Thanks to SAP Marketing, you can decide on the appropriate advancement and detail level of your lists:

  • Integration with SAP Lumira ensures creation of complex reports allowing combining data from many sources, for example marketing, sales, storage data, etc.
  • The built-in Query Designer tool allows you to easily prepare standard lists by yourself and combine results from many campaigns into a single, consolidated report.

Did you know?

The first implementation of SAP Marketing system in Poland was
carried out by Apollogic!

SAP Marketing also allows to:

  • Create sophisticated reports, as well as simple lists with different levels of detail and in many views
  • A filtering system facilitating presentation of data in specific dimensions
  • Precise monitoring and insight into crucial KPIs from various areas of your company
  • Always up-to-date data ensuring dynamic response to undesirable phenomena
  • Responsive layout that allows transparent and intuitive navigation on any mobile device.
  • Integration with Facebook and Search Ads
  • Segmentation of customers based on their estimated value
  • Detecting strengths and weaknesses in relations between brand and customer
  • Monitoring indicators to detect trends and patterns in user behavior
  • Planning activities
  • Detailed top-down budget distribution
  • Control and current use
  • Integrated calendar of planned campaigns
  • View with division into tasks, campaigns, regions, programs, and advertising media

Benefits for your company


Faster response time to your customer’s actions


Less time required for implementing marketing activities


More generated leads


and more marketing tools that are unnecessary or integrated into one

Insight into customer behavior
Intelligent recommendations of products and services
Personalised shopping experience

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