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Electronic excise duty records

Solution based on Microsoft Power Platform technology

Shortly, we can expect the upcoming requirement to keep records of excise goods in electronic form using a computer program. The obligation is to come into force on February 1, 2024. It results from the Excise Duty Act and the Executive Order on records and other documentation relating to excise goods and excise tax stamps (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 1150).

Change in the form of keepings records

Currently, records are often kept in paper form. Several types of records are commonly used. Within a single company, not all of them are applied, but organizations have to be fully prepared in case there are circumstances and events that need to be recorded.

It’s crucial to use a solution that meets official requirements and is simple to implement and maintain. It’s also essential to have vendor support in case of potential failures and regulatory changes.

How should records be maintained?

Records must be managed in accordance with the written instructions for the computer program used to maintain the documents to:

  1. Allow access to the entries content and ensure stored data protection,
  2. Allow an insight into data corrections, identification of the person making the correction and correction date,
  3. Allow to generate and print, in chronological order:
    a) records entries,
    b) data statements and summary of the number of excise goods,
    c) reports referred to in § 6,
  4. Prevent entries deletion.
Olga Langowska Apollogic

Implementing electronic records is a great opportunity to digitize processes and forget about paper records, which are time-consuming and error-prone.

Olga Langowska, Finance & Accounting Consultant

What distinguishes our offer?

Technologia Microsoft

Microsoft technology

Apollogic's solution, based on Microsoft Power Platform technology, is an standalone application that meets all legal requirements.

Sprawdzona metodologia wdrożenia

Proven implementation methodology

The technology we have used allows for quick implementation in the customer's environment, especially if the company is already using Microsoft 365 services. Maintenance costs are low, even for small enterprises.

Kompletne rozwiązanie

Complete solution

We carry out full implementations, from customer needs analysis, through solution testing, to end-user training.

Benefits for your company


Reduced time needed for maintaining records properly


Access to a user-friendly solution that meets all legal requirements


Low implementation and maintenance costs

Why Apollogic?

Silne partnerstwa

Official Microsoft partner

As an authorized Microsoft software provider we have experience in implementing and maintaining IT systems.

Doświadczony zespół

Experienced specialists

A team of developers & accounting experts create solutions that support businesses in digitizing financial administration and tax reporting.

Kompleksowe wsparcie

Comprehensive support

We adjust the application features to the organization's current needs and conduct workshops for end-users.

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Dawid Kornacki

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